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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Scene kids smoke cigarettes

So it's official; Laura, Kendon, Claire, and Dennis are my four best friends, ever. Why, you ask? Because they're the only people who have left comments on my blog so far. Damnit people, I need comments. I put myself out here on the interweb looking for praise or criticism, not just apathy.

I got my first sign that this whole "mp3 blog" thing might be working about a week ago. Spasticated Records emailed me to let me know that one of their artists, Dsico That No-Talent Hack, had a new EP out, and invited me to listen to it. Anytime a band offers me a free album, it's worth listening to, because at least during that moment, they just want to be heard, and want recognition. That's what the music industry is missing. Sure, there are going to be plenty of artists who just want to get rich and famous, but too many artists these days don't have a passion for making music.

So, if you know a band I might not have heard of, or want to promote your own band, send me a message. I promise you I will at least listen to it. If I like it, I'll plug you guys here. Right now, that means absolutely nothing, but I hope someday I'll have enough readers that that might seem like a good incentive. I'm currently trying to win a contest to get my friend's band on Said the Gramophone, because that's a big deal to me.

Anyways, onto today's selections...

Dsico That No-Talent Hack - Swimmingly Rapidshare... Follow link

Ok, so I liked them enough to plug them. This song seems like the bastard child of The Bravery and LCD Soundsystem, which is tough to get used to. Add to that it sounds like the lead singer for the Hold Steady got bored and decided to do this as a side project... and this is real obscure shit. But never bad. Nothing original can ever be all bad. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. I promise you, it will grow on you. I wish that at least in some songs the lead singer would... you know... sing, but you can't get your way all the time. And I've only listened to 5 songs of theirs, so I can't pretend to be experts on them. But buy their EP, Fool, and enjoy something new. You can pick it up directly from their website.

The Hold Steady - Charlemagne in Sweatpants Rapidshare... Follow link

This song is useless. I kid you not. That's not to say it's not good... it's fucking epic. But on its own it won't do you any good. Listening to The Hold Steady one track at a time is the worst idea in the world, because you absolutely won't get used to them fast enough. I assure you, they are well worth checking out. Look for more songs, buy their albums and spend a few weeks formulating an opinion on them. Take your time. This will be hard.

The Hold Steady - Your Little Hoodrat Friend

Here, check this out too. Oh, and thank Kendon for these, because he introduced me to them. He's a good man. He'll make a good father someday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You should have never trusted Hollywood.

Thanks to Laura, everyone can comment on my entries, now! And by "can," I mean "should, or else I'll be heartbroken." Claire gave me my first Haloscan comment, and I adore her for that. She even plugged my epic wang. She's good like that.

So when I considered starting this blog, I immediately started thinking about doing certain entries for certain people. I've got tracks lined up for just about everyone I know. Sometimes to show the world their taste, sometimes to try to introduce the specific person to new music. One of the people I had lined up was Cortney, a good friend of mine who loved The Postal Service and Death Cab. We're no longer friends (I have my reasons and I'm sure she has hers), but I have these fucking songs lined up, so they're getting used. It'll probably be easier to get around to doing this update now as opposed to in a few months, anyway. Here are a couple of Postal Service rarities for you, guys. Enjoy them.

The Postal Service - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Rapidshare... Follow link

Take everything you know about the Postal Service, and their sound... and completely throw it out the window for the first 1:25 of the song. And then, for the rest of the song, watch as they abandon their typical uber-electronic sound in favor of a more traditional simple guitar line to drive the song. This awesome cover comes off the Wicker Park soundtrack, which if you haven't checked out, I suggest you do so. An indie kid's wet dream, if I do say so myself. All this song does is make me want to hear more covers from The Postal Service. They can make almost any song their own, and that's a fucking accomplishment.

Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix) Rapidshare... Follow link

The sad thing is, I hadn't even heard of Nina Simone until Said the Gramophone posted the original version of this song a few months ago. Shocking, I know. But the idea of a famous jazz singer sampling a classic song like Old King Wenceslas is fucking mindblowing. She sings it beautifully, with the soulful, heavy, breathy voice every good jazz singer should have.

This track comes off an awesome album called The Verve Remixed (Volume 3), which is well worth a purchase if you get a chance. This track isn't even close to being the best on the album. If it's not worth taking the risk on, feel free to pick and choose some songs to download off iTunes. It's well worth it. I won't even make my suggestions... you won't be disappointed with anything you pick.

BONUS TRACK: Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue Rapidshare... Follow link

Just to see what The Postal Service did. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Let's run the Sigur Ros gamut together!

I did my first link exchange today! Huzzah! Everyone go check out the bubble death, an mp3 blog setup by a nice person named Laura. Aside from that, I don't know much. She's quite nice, though. I'll vouch for that.

This post is mostly dedicated to Kendon, who enjoys Sigur Ros, but has only heard ( ). While still a great album, he needs to be exposed to more. It's weird how I know him... back when I knew him, he was Kal Petterson. Now he's Kendon Luscher. How he made that change, I may never know. I'm pretty sure it's the same boy, though. Either that, or I know nothing.

Sigur Ros - Svefn-G-Englar Rapidshare... Follow link.

This is my favorite Sigur Ros song, ever. Which is weird, because it's Casey's least favorite. He's one of the people I got into Sigur Ros, and there are quite a few. This song comes off their Agaetis Byrjun album, and was also featured in the movie Vanilla Sky. When I first heard this song, I was so swept away it's pathetic. I nearly had tears in my eyes from just how beautiful it was. Which I know sounds unfathomable, but the music just touched me that much.

And that's the power of Sigur Ros. They're either singing in Icelandic or Hopelandish (a made up language), but it doesn't detract from their music at all. You can make the song mean anything you want, and take away anything you want from the song.

Sigur Ros - Track 3 Rapidshare... Follow link

My favorite instrumental track of all time. I probably put this track on more mix CDs than any other, because I want every person alive to experience the joy that is this track. This song comes from their album, ( ), where none of the tracks were titled. I know... weird.

Sigur Ros - Saeglopur Rapidshare... Follow link

At this point, if you aren't convinced that Sigur Ros is an amazing band, nothing's going to do it. This is the perfect song to assign your own meaning to. Maybe this song is about something specific, but that defeats the purpose of them. This song means something special to me, and looking up the translated lyrics would destroy that. I've heard one complaint about Sigur Ros, and that was from a stupid, stupid person who wished that they sung in English.

Quite possibly the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

Also, I'm looking to figure out if there's any way I can setup a comment system that isn't exclusive to Blogspot members... anyone know how I could go about doing that? I'm not great with HTML, and am just getting by on self-taught knowledge from 7 years ago.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

An unconnected duo...

Sage Francis - Sun vs. Moon Rapidshare... follow link

Probably my favorite song off Sage Francis' new album, A Healthy Distrust, and that's saying a lot, because it's a phenominal album. Then again, you can probably see why I've already posted two Sage Francis tracks even though I'm supposed to be an Indie Kid. Not much can really be said about the man that I haven't talked about before, but this song is Sage Francis stating his opinion on god, while making commentary on religion. And he doesn't pull any punches... I'm agnostic, and he says shit even I don't have the balls to say. Give it a chance, though, regardless of your stance on religion. It's an amazing song with a well thought out message.

If nothing else, look up the lyrics.

Harvey Danger - Diminishing Returns Rapidshare... follow link

This track comes off Harvey Danger's new album, Little by Little. The song's pretty good, and the album's pretty good. But what makes it spectacular is that the entire fucking album is free. They put it out for free, encouraging you to share it. And while it might not be the best album I've heard all year, it's damn sure the best free album I've heard... ever. If you enjoy this track in the slightest, download the entire album. It's ten tracks which are all good. There are some better than others, but you can listen to the entire album start to finish, and that's a good sign.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm a failure

Neutral Milk Hotel - April 8th Rapidshare... follow link

So I'm not gonna be good at this whole mp3 blog thing, I've accepted. The point is to introduce people to new music, but while I'm posting a broad range of music, it's rarely "new." This song comes from NMH's earlier album, On Avery Island. It was a good album, but it didn't have the appeal of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, in my opinion. But this song... even though it's old, it still manages to find its way onto just about every mix CD I make, and everyone seems to enjoy it. The whole song is a beautiful crescendo, and lyrically it's one of my favorite songs ever; it's straight forward with no chorus, and just tells a beautiful story.

Kind Robot - I Can't Hold it Down Rapidshare... follow link

Fine, you guys talked me into it. Here's a little bit of new music... don't get spoiled, though. Kind Robot is a band (?) that has decided to put out free music, which makes supporting them just that much easier. While I believe artists should be compensated for what they do, sometimes it's nice to give back to the community that built you. Their music is far too weird for me, for the most part... but this song I love. If you like them, download the full EP.

"(Kind Robot tracks have also been spotted on Shareaza, Bearshare and Ares.. which we LOVE)"

That quote's on their MySpace, and that's a good sign for things to come. A band that truly loves recognition... you can't argue with that.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't be gay... Athena Surrender all day!

The Deftones - Please Please Please (The Smiths cover) Rapidshare... follow link.

Today's post is in honor of the newly broken up Athena Surrender. They've only been broken up for a few hours, but I'm already hoping it was only temporary. So today's songs are going to be songs I know, and love, thanks to my friend Casey. Keyboardist for Athena Surrender, a great local Norwalk hardcore band that ended its reign far too soon.

This cover is just amazing. I might think that even if it were complete shit, because the original was so good... but trust me, this is one amazing fucking song. They even forgot a verse, but it's still fucking sick. It's a lot harder, but not so hard that it loses the original feel. Morrissey would definitely be proud, I think. The singing is so strained it's beautiful, but never manages to annoy for even a second.

Chiodos - To Trixie and Reptile: Thanks for Everything Rapidshare... follow link.

This song has it all. It's a step away from being hardcore; it has its share of screams and wails, but for the most part the singer sings and you can pick apart each instrument with ease. Lyrically, it's extremely emo, but like the best emo lyrics... they're damn good.

I'll keep dreaming
Not another word sweetheart
Nothing is perfect, but this has to be someday
So I'll keep dreaming
We have to be someday
If you believed what you felt you would be in love

Like every good emo song, there are people and events that this song reminds me of. But this isn't the time or place to get into that. Love this song for how beautiful it manages to stay even at the decibel level it achieves. Remarkable. And finally enjoy what is one of the most amazing endings to a song ever.

Head Automatica - King Caesar Rapidshare... follow link.

This is Head Automatica. If you haven't heard them, prepare to want to dance. New school hardcore disco dance music is amazing. Have fun with this.

Friday, October 14, 2005

So go and beat your crazy head against the sky

Meet Matt Costa. He's currently on tour with Jack Johnson, and it makes complete sense why these two would tour together. Hell, they seem like the type to hang out just looking at them.

Matt Costa - Darling Be Home Soon

Matt Costa - Sunshine

He's the type of artist that makes me want to learn to play guitar. It's just that easy... if I could play guitar, everything I have to say would suddenly make more sense. I'm sure that's not how it would actually go, but it feels like that sometimes.

And now for a song that wasn't MOKB inspired...

The Mountain Goats - Dialudid (Marrtronix Version) (Rapidshare... Follow link)

Just enjoy this. It's much better than the original, in my opinion. The original has its own flavor, but is kind of like two conflicting sounds in one song. This is streamlined.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A spoken word treat

Today's song comes from the wonderful Sage Francis, though I guess song would be kind of a weird way of describing it. It's an acapella version of his song, "Hey Bobby," and it basically works out as a spoken word song.

Sage Francis - Hey Bobby (Acapella) (Rapidshare... follow the link)

You can absolutely hear his fucking anger during this, and without any backing track, it works as pure fucking poetry. It's political, as all good hip hop is... but even if you lean right, you'll be able to appreciate something like this. There's absolutely no ambiguity when it comes to Sage Francis. He says exactly what he needs to say in as much time as he needs to say it.

Then he's on to something else.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A decision made out of pain.

So here's my new web log, or "blog" as the cool kids seem to be calling it. I hope to eventually turn this into an mp3 blog once I figure out hosting, and bullshit like that. I'm an indie rock kid, for the most part, but that doesn't mean it's all I listen to. I'll surprise the hell out of you.

For now, songs I post will most likely be from other blogs. Even though I'm new to the blogging world, I know what a cardinal sin direct linking without permission is. So, for now it'll be a little bit harder.

The Diskettes - How Bizarre

This song is oddly listenable. It's calm, and never manages to annoy with even a hint of the fervor the original manages. The Diskettes are a type of band that you secretly hope never take themselves too seriously, because it will kill all the fun that they are. These guys are weird... even though all their songs are entirely acoustic, they still manage to all sound completely different, for the most part. Sometimes they're completely rocking out, and sometimes they're singing a soft, melodic song. And sometimes they're covering annoying 90's rock music.

But it always works.