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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't be gay... Athena Surrender all day!

The Deftones - Please Please Please (The Smiths cover) Rapidshare... follow link.

Today's post is in honor of the newly broken up Athena Surrender. They've only been broken up for a few hours, but I'm already hoping it was only temporary. So today's songs are going to be songs I know, and love, thanks to my friend Casey. Keyboardist for Athena Surrender, a great local Norwalk hardcore band that ended its reign far too soon.

This cover is just amazing. I might think that even if it were complete shit, because the original was so good... but trust me, this is one amazing fucking song. They even forgot a verse, but it's still fucking sick. It's a lot harder, but not so hard that it loses the original feel. Morrissey would definitely be proud, I think. The singing is so strained it's beautiful, but never manages to annoy for even a second.

Chiodos - To Trixie and Reptile: Thanks for Everything Rapidshare... follow link.

This song has it all. It's a step away from being hardcore; it has its share of screams and wails, but for the most part the singer sings and you can pick apart each instrument with ease. Lyrically, it's extremely emo, but like the best emo lyrics... they're damn good.

I'll keep dreaming
Not another word sweetheart
Nothing is perfect, but this has to be someday
So I'll keep dreaming
We have to be someday
If you believed what you felt you would be in love

Like every good emo song, there are people and events that this song reminds me of. But this isn't the time or place to get into that. Love this song for how beautiful it manages to stay even at the decibel level it achieves. Remarkable. And finally enjoy what is one of the most amazing endings to a song ever.

Head Automatica - King Caesar Rapidshare... follow link.

This is Head Automatica. If you haven't heard them, prepare to want to dance. New school hardcore disco dance music is amazing. Have fun with this.