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Thursday, October 20, 2005

An unconnected duo...

Sage Francis - Sun vs. Moon Rapidshare... follow link

Probably my favorite song off Sage Francis' new album, A Healthy Distrust, and that's saying a lot, because it's a phenominal album. Then again, you can probably see why I've already posted two Sage Francis tracks even though I'm supposed to be an Indie Kid. Not much can really be said about the man that I haven't talked about before, but this song is Sage Francis stating his opinion on god, while making commentary on religion. And he doesn't pull any punches... I'm agnostic, and he says shit even I don't have the balls to say. Give it a chance, though, regardless of your stance on religion. It's an amazing song with a well thought out message.

If nothing else, look up the lyrics.

Harvey Danger - Diminishing Returns Rapidshare... follow link

This track comes off Harvey Danger's new album, Little by Little. The song's pretty good, and the album's pretty good. But what makes it spectacular is that the entire fucking album is free. They put it out for free, encouraging you to share it. And while it might not be the best album I've heard all year, it's damn sure the best free album I've heard... ever. If you enjoy this track in the slightest, download the entire album. It's ten tracks which are all good. There are some better than others, but you can listen to the entire album start to finish, and that's a good sign.