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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You should have never trusted Hollywood.

Thanks to Laura, everyone can comment on my entries, now! And by "can," I mean "should, or else I'll be heartbroken." Claire gave me my first Haloscan comment, and I adore her for that. She even plugged my epic wang. She's good like that.

So when I considered starting this blog, I immediately started thinking about doing certain entries for certain people. I've got tracks lined up for just about everyone I know. Sometimes to show the world their taste, sometimes to try to introduce the specific person to new music. One of the people I had lined up was Cortney, a good friend of mine who loved The Postal Service and Death Cab. We're no longer friends (I have my reasons and I'm sure she has hers), but I have these fucking songs lined up, so they're getting used. It'll probably be easier to get around to doing this update now as opposed to in a few months, anyway. Here are a couple of Postal Service rarities for you, guys. Enjoy them.

The Postal Service - Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Rapidshare... Follow link

Take everything you know about the Postal Service, and their sound... and completely throw it out the window for the first 1:25 of the song. And then, for the rest of the song, watch as they abandon their typical uber-electronic sound in favor of a more traditional simple guitar line to drive the song. This awesome cover comes off the Wicker Park soundtrack, which if you haven't checked out, I suggest you do so. An indie kid's wet dream, if I do say so myself. All this song does is make me want to hear more covers from The Postal Service. They can make almost any song their own, and that's a fucking accomplishment.

Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix) Rapidshare... Follow link

The sad thing is, I hadn't even heard of Nina Simone until Said the Gramophone posted the original version of this song a few months ago. Shocking, I know. But the idea of a famous jazz singer sampling a classic song like Old King Wenceslas is fucking mindblowing. She sings it beautifully, with the soulful, heavy, breathy voice every good jazz singer should have.

This track comes off an awesome album called The Verve Remixed (Volume 3), which is well worth a purchase if you get a chance. This track isn't even close to being the best on the album. If it's not worth taking the risk on, feel free to pick and choose some songs to download off iTunes. It's well worth it. I won't even make my suggestions... you won't be disappointed with anything you pick.

BONUS TRACK: Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue Rapidshare... Follow link

Just to see what The Postal Service did. Enjoy!