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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Let's go Phishing! Get it... it's a pun! My humor is lost on you.

No one's really indifferent about Phish. I mean the people who love them are fucking insane with their adoration for them. But the people who hate them... man do they despise them. I have a friend, Harry, who loves Dispatch and Guster, but absolutely can't stand Phish. I hypothesize that he just hasn't heard enough of them, but I've done what I could to convert him in the past. Now everyone listen to my two favorite Phish songs!

Normally, I'd write a nice writeup for each of them, but I'm short on time. Just know that they're beautiful and I love them.

Phish - Brian & Robert Rapidshare... Follow link

Phish - Wading in the Velvet Sea Rapidshare... Follow Link

Enjoy! I'll try to get one more update in this week... worst case scenario I'll update on Monday, though.