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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Never say that I haven't even tried.

I kept meaning to mention it, but I'm dumb, and continually forgot. November is National Solo Project Month, and as such I should be trying to highlight some interesting solo projects. This is a lot harder than National Side Project Month, which might not exist... but if it does, I'll have a lot of fun that month.

Ben Gibbard - Farmer Chords (Live) Rapidshare... Follow link

I've been trying to find the album this is on, Home Vol. 5, to no avail. But this song is awesome. A great song of longing and love, and it manages to pull at my heart every time I hear it. And it manages to do that while maintaining a real simple set of lyrics.

I can't begin to compete with you and everyone knows I know you know it, too. It's a complicated fear that grows with every year and it's walking on it's own finally. All I can offer are farmer chords, these simple rhymes and you painted in words. You can sing this when alone or whistle it through your teeth and it will feel like home no matter how far you'll be from my lonely arms outstretched just beyond your reach singing "ooh, baby, please..."

That's it... that's the entire song. Then again, it's only two and a half minutes, so I doubt anyone's shocked.

Jeff Mangum - Up And Over Again Rapidshare... Follow link

They address this song as being called "Up And Over Again", but truly we know it as being "King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3." It probably just wasn't finished at this point (He even sings "This is the part of the song that I didn't write lyrics for" at one point), but it's nice to hear where it started, and compare it to where it ended up.

I know this is an MP3 blog... but don't go see Saw 2. It's delightfully mediocre. And it's NOT A HORROR MOVIE! In the same way zombie movies aren't horror movies in most cases, this relies on heavy, gross images rather than actually scaring people. It's very weak on plot, the acting is worse than in the first one, and it's absolutely filled with plot holes. It's worth seeing, but at a time when I could have seen Jarhead or The Weather man, I'm sorely disappointed.