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Me trying to introduce you guys to some of my music. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, November 28, 2005

When you're indie, you have to look cool.

You have to. You can't risk looking like an idiot, which usually means trying to act better than everyone else at at least something. I work to be as disinterested as humanly possible so that people will look at me and think "Wow, he doesn't care what's going on... neither should I!" It's a gift. Being indie is all about trying to stand out without having anyone realize you're trying to stand out.

Also, thanks to Kendon for being awesome enough to comment on just about every one of my entries so far. He's better than you, and don't ever fucking forget it. Be friends with him on MySpace. All the cool kids are doing it.

Clor - Gifted Rapidshare... Follow link

If you haven't heard Clor yet, you're in for a goddamn treat. This particular track sounds a lot like the Former Cities track I posted a few weeks back, but don't let that fool you. Usually they are much, much more electronic sounding (like Stars with a little more synth), but this is a good track to introduce people to. Eventually, I'll get around to posting more Clor, but for now you'll have to settle for this.

The Mountain Goats - Standard Bitter Love Song #7 Rapidshare... Follow link

As you can tell by now, I sweat the Mountain Goats. You will too, eventually.

But I know you'd kill me if you could stand the sight of blood

Why am I all to close to those kinds of girls?

Tonight's update had to be extremely indie, because next update I'm going to do something that not too many of you are gonna support; I'm gonna do a highlight on Linkin Park. Trust me, it'll be good.