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Friday, December 30, 2005

The moment's sweet, but it's all wrong.

Well, we're fast approaching the end of the year. I figure I should get another update in. Plus, Daniella seems to enjoy reading this shit, and I love her for the support. Not to discredit the people who have been supporting this all along... she's just the first person who found it without me pushing it on her. Without further adieu, here's my update.

Let's look at decent emo these days. You know, I don't mind Bright Eyes all that much. Connor's voice bugs me, but so does Bob Dylan's. The man knows how to get a girl's pants off by making her feel like she's not the only one who cuts herself. But bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy... get the hell off the radio. You're catchy, but you serve no purpose in being alive. Learn from these bands; figure out how to whine without coming off as whiney.

Mae - The Ocean Rapidshare... Follow link

Mae might have a MySpace. In fact, they might have a webpage, too. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no way of looking them up, because I search for Mae on MySpace, and all I get is cute bitches. I search Google and they give me lyrics, and fucking charities, but they won't give me the band's page. Thank you Mae, for being a fairly decent band and giving me absolutely no way to look up more information about you.

Oh yea, and the song is kickass.

Armor For Sleep - Awkward Last Words Rapidshare... Follow link

An easy to search for webpage. An easy to search for MySpace. That's the shit I like. They call themselves "Rock," but "Hardcore" and "Emo" should also follow it. I love 'em, though. Also, make sure you check their upcoming shows. See one on January 29th, with Chiodos? I'll be there with my boys Casey and Rob, and I'm gonna fit right in, because I have a mohawk right now.

Also, this album... genius. Definitely go to their website and download the other song they're offering in .mp3 format, Car Underwater. Depressing, eh? The entire fucking album is about death. You'll love it.