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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back to Massachusets

Beck - Girl (Octet Remix) Rapidshare... Follow link

This isn't the best track off Beck's Guerolito album. But it's certainly the biggest change. Listening to the original versus this version. The classical piano sound combined with the inevitable freakout at the end makes for some quality listening. After listening to the original, 8-Bit, and now this remix... this is one versatile as hell song.

People in Planes - Talk Too Much

This song's making the rounds on the indie blog circuit because Joaquin Phoenix is directing the music video for it. The song itself is good, but not really my kind of music. It does make me interested to hear what else can come from People in Planes becuase they're definitely an interesting sound. It makes sense that they'd be on tour with the Bravery, and their album comes out on March 28th, so we'll hear more of them, then.

In my next update or two, I should be doing an album review, so look forward to that.