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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Concert Review: Head Automatica

Head Automatica / Morningwood (02-23-2006) New Haven, CT

This was, without a doubt, one of the best concerts I have ever attended. And without a doubt the most surprising. The only reason I was going was Head Automatica, having absolutely no idea who Camu Tao was, nor having ever heard of We Are the Fury. And frankly, despite the hype Morningwood has been getting, I just didn't care much about them.

I was in for a treat. Camu Tao opened up the show, and I'd heard nothing about him, nor did I have any clue who he was. And he was pretty good; great stage presence, fun rapper, and he's apparently on Def Jux, hands down one of the best record labels in today's music industry. Second only to Kill Rock Stars, in my opinion. Anyways, he was good. The sound was weird, leading me to have trepidation about the Webster Theater, but it all turned out ok.

My boy Rob went to the lobby to get a shirt, and by the time we got back, We Are the Fury were on. And I was instantly blown away. They are fucking rockstars, despite their lack of money or recognition. I cannot wait until I get to see them again, and I see they're starting a tour with Matchbook Romance soon, so I'm hoping that they're still on tour when I go see Matchbook Romance and Chiodos in April. But hands down the best surprise I've ever gotten from a concert. Their music is like getting kicked in the chest, and then getting up and wanting to dance. And while I can't vouch for the entire band, three of the guys are some of the nicest motherfuckers you will ever meet in your entire life; they signed my CD, talked to me, and introduced themselves to me, all while operating their own merch stand. I guess no one's told them that they're too good for that shit. Even if I had been disappointed by Morningwood and Head Automatica, I would have been glad I went simply because I got to see them.

If you take one thing away from this post, download this track, and be introduced to your new favorite band.

We Are The Fury - Soap Opera (Rapidshare... Follow link)

Then onto Morningwood. Low expectations and a phenominal show made for a great goddamn time. There were some assholes who insisted on moshing even when the band informed them that the song just wasn't appropriate, but the Connecticut hardcore scene is a bunch of confused boys trying to prove they aren't gay by hitting each other. Hard.

The lead singer has better stage presence than most front-men (or front-persons in this case, though she doesn't strike me as the anal/feminist type) will ever get in a career in the industry. From her outfit to her dancing to the fact that she came out into the crowd and just started straddling and griding some lucky boy... Morningwood will be headlining full tours within a year. I'm just glad I got to see them this soon into their careers. Also seeing them perform this song, Nth Degree, is one of the most fun experiences you will ever have in your life.

Morningwood - Nth Degree (Rapidshare... Follow link)

Finally... we have arrived. You could tell Head Automatica was up by the sheer number of people who started pouring in. And I was absolutely in awe as to what a great front-man Daryl Palumbo is. Crowd control, singing voice, screaming voice, and stage presence... the man has it all. I would find myself watching him dance while his bandmates performed their solos, transfixed on just how fun he is. All the while the entire room was dancing. Watching Head Automatica is like going to Disneyworld; no one's sad, your problems leave you, and it's impossible not to have a good time. The fact that Head Automatica tickets cost $10 doesn't do that band justice. This band should be selling out stadiums.

But then people wouldn't be able to dance. The best part came during the encore. I assumed it would only be two songs, since the crowd went NUTS after they played their second encore song, The Razor. But then a possibility I had entertained, but not seriously considered, came into fruition; Cage came on stage and they performed a duet of Shoot Frank, a song from Cage's album featuring Daryl. The reason this seemed so impossible was because Cage was playing another show that night at a college in a different part of the state. Well, apparently the towns were only about 20 minutes away from each other, and my local geography knowledge sucks. But that was the highlight of my night right there, even though most of the scene kids didn't really understand how to react; Daryl Palumbo doing hip-hop? They accepted his transition from Glassjaw to Head Automatica easily, but hip-hop's an entirely different story. I loved it, though, and I know a bunch of other people in the audience did. It made my fucking night... I lived the dream.

Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby


Monday, February 13, 2006

Remember when you said that I was all you ever wanted?

I'm back in school. So while I'm not exactly busy 24/7, I'm far less motivated for this, and I apologize to the two or three people who actually try and keep up with this.

On the bright side, I got Thunderegg's complete discography (in sweet mp3 CD format!), Open Book. Remember getting a new videogame when you were a kid? The first thing you did was read the instruction book. It didn't matter how inane the controls were, or how pointless the information they gave you was; it was just essential that you read that instruction book cover to cover, so you didn't go into that game like a chump.

That's what Open Book is like. It comes with a 108 page booklet of lyrics and fun drawings, and I'll just find myself reading it. Sometimes with the music, sometimes not. The lyrics read like a story in most cases, which is rare for a band.

It also shows me how much they've evolved over the years. Right now I'd compare them most to Iron & Wine in terms of similar sounding music. But back then they still had some of those moments, but they were a lot like They Might Be Giants, just having a bunch of fun, pointless songs that went nowhere, but were still enjoyable. There are some songs I wrote off initially but now have become a regular staple in my playlist.

Enough with the kissing ass. Oh, but I am Thunderegg's number one fan. Ok, now I'm done, I swear.

Here's a quick song from Reeve Carney, an incredibly interesting artist. Checkout his MySpace, and the music genre he's in; folk, blues, jazz. It doesn't make sense now. It will when you hear this song. Like it or hate it (initially I was the latter, but faster and faster I'm becoming the former), it's something you're going to want to hear.

Reeve Carney - Now That You're Mine Rapidshare... Follow link

And I'm too lazy to do a writeup on it, but listen to this, too.

Harvey Danger - Little Round Mirrors Rapidshare... Follow link

Gotta love a free album.