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Monday, February 13, 2006

Remember when you said that I was all you ever wanted?

I'm back in school. So while I'm not exactly busy 24/7, I'm far less motivated for this, and I apologize to the two or three people who actually try and keep up with this.

On the bright side, I got Thunderegg's complete discography (in sweet mp3 CD format!), Open Book. Remember getting a new videogame when you were a kid? The first thing you did was read the instruction book. It didn't matter how inane the controls were, or how pointless the information they gave you was; it was just essential that you read that instruction book cover to cover, so you didn't go into that game like a chump.

That's what Open Book is like. It comes with a 108 page booklet of lyrics and fun drawings, and I'll just find myself reading it. Sometimes with the music, sometimes not. The lyrics read like a story in most cases, which is rare for a band.

It also shows me how much they've evolved over the years. Right now I'd compare them most to Iron & Wine in terms of similar sounding music. But back then they still had some of those moments, but they were a lot like They Might Be Giants, just having a bunch of fun, pointless songs that went nowhere, but were still enjoyable. There are some songs I wrote off initially but now have become a regular staple in my playlist.

Enough with the kissing ass. Oh, but I am Thunderegg's number one fan. Ok, now I'm done, I swear.

Here's a quick song from Reeve Carney, an incredibly interesting artist. Checkout his MySpace, and the music genre he's in; folk, blues, jazz. It doesn't make sense now. It will when you hear this song. Like it or hate it (initially I was the latter, but faster and faster I'm becoming the former), it's something you're going to want to hear.

Reeve Carney - Now That You're Mine Rapidshare... Follow link

And I'm too lazy to do a writeup on it, but listen to this, too.

Harvey Danger - Little Round Mirrors Rapidshare... Follow link

Gotta love a free album.